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The Doctor Will See You Now: Scoble holds office hours
June 28, 2007, 9:25 pm
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… in front of the Palo Alto Apple store. He (not-so-humbly) calls it the PR person’s dream, and he does have a point. If you wanted a slice of Robert Scoble’s time and attention, or to pitch getting onto his podcast show, have at him. (Valleywag did).

But of course they are there for more than just the iPhones.

For starters, they’ve been interviewed almost nonstop since arrival. It’s a PR stunt. And the thrill of the weird. And something “to be able to say you did”. As he pointed out, it’s also a great time to pitch him, kowtow to him, (batteries, starbucks, pownce invites, whatever) etc. Hell, I’ve had professors who made themselves a lot less accessible.

But we think taking a dump on this is pointless and weak. The guy seems a decent fella, puts himself out there a lot for someone who is, relatively, in the public eye. Let’s face it, he’s in the attention business. If they want to camp out on the sidewalk for 31 hours just to say they did, well good on ’em.

Bored? Watch ’em wait UPDATE: Why not watch the whole gang wait on ZoomrTV? Get there in 10 minutes (it’s currently 6:35 out there) for pizza!


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