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My breasts are super heroes.
July 1, 2007, 9:27 pm
Filed under: parenting

Chris Brogan has been asking, what is your super power?

I have dithered. But now I know.

However frustrating, painful and complex I have found the relationships between my brain, our society and my (and women’s) body to be, my breasts make me a super hero.

I can nourish my baby. I can comfort her through teething pain. And, I do not have cancer. WhyMommy’s eloquence shames me with all that I take for granted.


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Nonsense. You nourish and love your baby. Hurrah! That is a beautiful gift, and one that will help her forever. It already has.

Kudos to you for using your super power for the forces of good!

Comment by whymommy

P.S. I have a beautiful shirt that advertises this — “I make milk. What’s your superpower?” It makes me laugh.

Comment by whymommy

Hey, any time my name and breasts show up in the same blog post, I’m a sucker for commenting. : )

Congratulations for realizing that you’re a superhero on that score alone. Bringing micro-humans into the universe is definitely far more noble than many other things people do on the given day.

Bon chance. : )

Comment by Chris Brogan...

I love that tee shirt. I’m getting one soon, before my girl weans herself. Which is soon, I’m afraid to say.

Comment by ICan'tLeaveWellEnoughAlone

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