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Nearly 426 months old
July 15, 2007, 1:53 pm
Filed under: odd random thoughts, parenting

What is it with the shift from telling your kid’s age in months to telling it in years?

Sometime around 2 years of age, this starts to happen. By 3 the deal is pretty much sealed. I defy you to find a preschooler whose parents will answer you “oh, my __aiden  is 38 months old.”

Unlike most parenting quirks, it’s not just the kid-obsessed parents who think this way. When someone asks me how old my daughter currently is, I know for a fact they are not looking for “1”, they want to know “22 months.” But I’d say 36 months is the absolute outer envelope. Nobody’s kid is 48 months old.

I think it’s fraction acceleration.

When you notice the feeling that time is accelerating and moving “faster than ever”, you’re noticing that a year is now an increasingly small fraction of your time on earth. What was once a whole 1/10th of your life seems to dwindle to a “mere” 1/25th. 1/35th, etc. So I think that’s what’s going on here. That and developmentally, a 12 month “1 year old” and a 23 month “one year old” might as well be seedlings and trees.

To be less glib, can you treat this next year as 1/10th of your life instead of the actual fraction it’s become?


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