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Nasty rotting food Tuesday
July 18, 2007, 1:00 am
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This week, we’re playing “What’s the NASTIEST rotted food?

Today, tomatoes.

Here’s how to get by for a long time with your tomatoes:

Buy them as unripe as possible. Get rid of any with flaws. Wrap each in paper. Hope for the best. Edit regularly.

The paper trick (same as for the romaine yesterday, or the paper towel you should slip into any bag of greens, herbs, etc.)  absorbs surface moisture, condensation, etc. and prevents it from forming little pools of rot on the surface. It helps a lot, but some are going to go away on you. Some will go away quite quickly. Check the box frequently to get anything squishy out, and to rewrap squishy’s neighbors with fresh paper.

When they do go away, tomatoes become uber fragile water balloons with acidic, stinky centers. They  spatter foulness on impact. Too far gone and you can’t even pick them up. Often moldy too. Worst, you’re pretty likely to get some on your hands going through them.  It’s plenty gross, but I’ve seen worse. I’d give them a 4 too because while they’re less foul than a spoiled egg, they’re much more likely to make a mess.

So now what do you think the winner will be, ground turkey, carrots or potatoes?

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