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Nasty rotting food Wednesday
July 19, 2007, 3:56 am
Filed under: odd random thoughts, recipes

This week we’re playing “What’s the NASTIEST rotted food?Eggs on Monday, Tomatoes on Tuesday.

I’ve been putting the carrots off.

What could be heartier? Simpler? Stouter? Than the humble carrot? Underground, you can leave carrots in the garden and dig them throughout the winter. They dry well, they freeze well. There’s little reason for a carrot to ever “go away.”

But when they do…

You buy carrots in 2-5 pound sacks. Ours came by the hundredweight. The good news, they last pretty much to the end of the 6 week trip. The bad, they last pretty much to the end of the 6 week trip. Which means many don’t.

The finer sort of carrots wither, shrivel, turn black and retire humble and proud, unto themselves. Others are vengeful things that dissolve explosively. I recall. I still recoil.

These become slimy, clingy, almost oily mush. In your hundred pound sack, they will be maddeningly thrown in with dozens of healthy, sound carrots. You will pick through, rinsing and scouring the innocent bystanders. Of the bygones, there’s nothing to pick but orangegreenbrown slimeglue. A couple pounds of it. You will get some on your hands. At least. The smell will make you gag. And did I mention, it takes a long time to sort through 100 pounds of carrots. Plenty of time for the texture, stench, or both to get you to the lee rail.

Sure, you could just skip the sorting and throw them out. Because your crew loves canned food oh. so. much. Yeah, I thought so. Slimed rotten carrots? yuck factor 7. Give me a spoiled egg, any day.

Eat your veggies fresh, kids!

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