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This Post Stolen from WhyMommy
July 23, 2007, 3:23 am
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Thanks for the free post, WhyMommy.  Keep on rocking your fight against IBC.

Moms.  We love our kids.  We drive ourselves nuts taking care of them and helping them learn and grow.  We would do anything for them.  Right?

Of course.  So do them a favor and take care of yourself.  Do your monthly breast self-exam and report any changes to your OB/GYN.  ANY changes.  Even something that seems minor, like redness, soreness, thickening, itchiness, texture changes, dimpling, or a bug bite that just won’t heal.  These seemingly minor symptoms are also signs of the baddest breast cancer out there – inflammatory breast cancer – and need to be checked out right away.

So do it for yourself or do it for your kids.  But please, do your breast self-exam this month.  Even if you’re pregnant.  Even if you’re breastfeeding.  Even if you think you’re “too young for breast cancer.”  It could save your life.


[Team WhyMommy!  Heading off to BlogHer this week? Looking for something to fill the space while you’re on the plane to Chicago? “Steal” this post and put it up at your site while you’re gone, or let me know if you’d like me to send you a more detailed and informative post, and that’s one more post down before you go!  Oh, and have a GREAT time in Chicago!]


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Awesome! Thanks!

Comment by whymommy

WhyMommy, I can’t even tell you how much your every post inspires me.

Comment by citrine

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