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Recipe: Make Mine a Margarita
August 1, 2007, 4:42 pm
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Easiest, iciest margaritas tip:

Pour margarita mix of choice into ice cube trays. (sour mix is fine, most “margarita” branded stuff is crap anyhow) Freeze. Keep a good supply of these cubes on hand all summer long.  Like, um, this many?

Instant margarita: *2 mixcubes + 1 oz tequila + 1/2 oz triple sec. Blend. Drink. Or, don’t blend and just deal with a drink that’s strong to start, sweet to end.

*Chances are your ice cubes are about 1 oz (1/8 c) each, so this combination is 2 parts mix: 1 part tequila: 1/2 part triple sec, or slightly less mix than the recommended 3 oz + 1 oz tequila to 1/2 oz triple sec. Read your own labels. Just use a little less mix than suggested since there is no water (ice) in going into the drink. Or add water. Which would be really lame. YMMV. Drink responsibly. If you don’t, please send us the pictures.