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Cleaning Up?
October 15, 2007, 7:50 pm
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Blog Action Day, today. Theme to write about: the environment. Huge category. Enormous. Fraught with lots of personal guilt and shallow feel-good gesturing too. What can we, any of us do, for real, about the environment?

Look, if you want quick tips, hit up Google, read a book on it or check out some blogs and podcasts on the topic:

InhabitatGreenpeaceTreehugger EcoTumble | Lighter Footstep | Vote for Trees | Five Limes 

But for this moment, would you take your thoughts on this issue to a different level? Can you step away from knee-jerk pro or con or eco-gestures and consider a bigger picture? About what kind of person you want to be in the world? Can you try to think about your life as connected, and take into consideration how you care for and regard yourself, others around you and total strangers?

Do you accuse and assign blame? Do you look for quick fixes to assuage your own guilt? Or are you earnestly trying to keep your mind open about what could be better, where to find ideas, how to spread them? What actions in your quiet private everyday can make you healthier and more able to contend with complex issues like the environment? Can you source your actions from love and can you take the time to understand how you affect the broader world? Can you see beyond your selfish opinions and wants and try to imagine how your actions and positions play out on larger and larger scales?

Can you start cleaning up the environment inside your head, be patient with yourself, but earnestly start?

Can that lead to looking at your life just a little bit more clearly every day, and beginning to adopt, sustainably, the kinds of individual actions, thoughts and habits that can lead to less personal environmental impact in the future?

Activism tweaks the nose of patience. But, I think patience does more with time. Next time you fly (and, natch, offset your carbon), stare down the hills and valleys and contours traced by gazillions of rivulets over time and know the whole friggin landscapes can be shaped by water. How will you apply this to shaping your own life?

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